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If you just did some renovations !  If you just bought your house!

Cleaning your air ducts and your indoor coil (heat pump) and disinfect all those items will make you benefit from a clean and pure air inside your home the next three years.

For the Outside:

  • You must clean your air ducts, dryer outlets, bathroom, stove hood and air exchanger. Install screens (after cleaning ) to prevent birds to pass through.
  • The outputs of the valves must be in good condition and not leave anything that can seeps inside.
  • If your valves do not work well, expect to have the unexpected visit of a family of sparrows and starlings where even squirrels can go through the stove hood.

Birds can make their nests inside the ducts in early spring and then can become very difficult to get them out.

  • You should also check if there is any lint accumulated inside your dryer pipe. An easy way to do that is to put your hand in the end of the outer pipe if you notice a certain amount of foam, you have your answer, the duct should be cleaned at the earliest otherwise your dryer may overheat.
  • If after our recommendations you notice that the pipes needs to be cleaned ( lint , dryer moss, bird nests , squirrels nests) .

We can help you ! Know that the cleaning is done from the outside, and we do not have to get inside of each apartment which simplifies the cleaning of several air ducts without disturbing the residents.

Air Pur Solutions will do the cleaning for you. With our team of expert and our modern equipment , we can clean all kinds of air ducts , either foam ( lint ) , straw ( bird’s nest ) , or both, your air conduits will be completely clean. We can also settle a fence to prevent birds to come back.  It is time to think about it !

The best equipment money can buy

To achieve a high quality work , we uses :
  • Portable Inspection Camera
  • Robotic Camera
  • Several mobile units
  • Dust collectors equipped with HEPA filtration performance from 2700 to 3500 CFM
  • Diesel Compressors high efficiency 185 cfm to 125 p.s.i.
  • Portable Compressors for small place 175 psi
  • Système de brosses mécaniques et manuelles ajustables au type de conduit
  • Vacuums two motors with integrated HEPA filter
  • Machines à pression 1200 lbs à eau tempérée
  • U.L.V. fumigator Disinfection
  • 1200 lbs pressure machines in temperate waters

Products of superior quality

The products that we use must follow several criteria, including:
  • Employee protection
  • Biodegradability
  • Positive response to the work surfaces
  • Cleaning efficiency
  • This is why we use 100% natural products approved by Health Canada , and certified chemicals that meet the specifications of the various regulations .
  • We provide on request MSDSs of our products.

Quality control

We created our own quality control protocol that has been widely proven:
  • Inspection before the actual work to determine the precise needs and establish an effective planning taking into account the various stakeholders involved in the file.
  • Regular inspection in the presence of the foreman and client representative
  • Expertise and robotic camera before or after
  • Our quote detailed cleaning, designed to meet different cleaning standards already established by the various associations cleaning resources ventilation systems.