Air Ducts Cleaning

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we constantly hear about the quality of outdoor air, but what about the quality of the air we breathe inside our homes or at work? In most cases, this air is more harmful to your health then the air you breathe outside.  Nowadays, houses are insulated increasingly tightly , reducing natural ventilation. This means that the air into our house has to pass through the ducts of a ventilation system , air conditioning or heating before inhale it. During winter time since windows are always close the air that we constantly breathe always pass through the air conduits.

Can you imagine what look like a ventilation conduit through which air flows for years without being cleaned … The dust that can accumulate into the conduits and can spread fungi and microorganisms that contaminate the air of your home. Even if you don’t see it, the dirt inside the air ducts can be very dangerous for your health and for your family. Therefore ducts cleaning are very important for a clear and safe environment.  In order to perform efficient cleaning, you should call a professional in the business.


Air Pur Solution provides professional services in the cleaning and sanitizing of air conduit and ventilation ducting of heating and ventilation system. We know exactly how and when you should clean your air conduits and ventilation system. Our team of expert offers a free evaluations and then will guide you through the package that fits you the most.  We uses all the equipment necessary and we have the expertise to perform a deep cleaning pipes without damaging any of your ventilation system or air conduits.

At Air Pur Solutions, we are happy to help you make your life healthier and your environment cleaner.