Our Commitment

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calib-airDriven by a reliable team whose priority and commitment is its customers satisfactions, Air Pur Solution has built an excellent reputation because of its expertise and speed to meet the needs and standards of its customers.  Air Pur Solution has a team of technicians with more than 15 years of experience and enhanced skills in the field of ventilation. To prevent or solve your indoor air quality problems, whether it is residential , commercial, industrial or institutional Air Pur Solution is the company to help you. Our primary goal is to improve and ensure the health of our customers by cleaning the air distributed through their air systems and ventilation ducts. ” Serving the greater Montreal area and its surroundings, Air Pur Solutions provides complete maintenance of air ventilation duct cleaning services and all kinds of ventilation systems. Leader in maintenance and cleaning air ventilation ducts whether for residential, commercial, industrial or institutional , our reputation is more to do with the quality of our services. One of our main mission is: Educate and raise awareness of the importance of a clean- air ventilation conduits for a better quality of life in your houses, buildings, condos and apartments.

Because a picture is worth a thousand words … Here’s an example of a well cleaned air conduits:

Air Ducts: ventilation-avant-apres

Dryer Ducts : secheuse-avant-apres

The Services We Provide :

  • Cleaning of air ducts
  • Cleaning of dryer ducts
  • Cleaning of kitchen Hoods
  • Balancing air thrust
  • Expertise
  • Custom Maintenance Program

Our Products :

  • UV Purifier
  • Electrostatic Filter
  • Disinfectant

La propreté d’un système de ventilation procure une meilleure qualité de l’air, évite le développement et la propagation de contaminants nocifs pour la santé et génère des économies d’énergie

Keep your air ducts without bacteria

Your air ducts can accumulate microbes, bacteria and dust particles that are harmful to your health.

Cleaning and disinfection of air ducts

Depending on your needs we will apply a disinfectant that will pass through all ducts to purify the air inside the ducts therefor inside your home. its


Members of our team are trained to perform the work with the most care and using equipment at the cutting edge of technology.

The Results

  • Once our job is done, we can assure you to leave no trace of our passage.  The cleaning of you air ducts can’t be neglected and should be done every 2 to 3 years.